WhatsApp Raises Minimum Age to 16 for EU Users

WhatsApp Raises Minimum Age to 16 for EU Users

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is reportedly raising the minimum age for users in Europe from 13 to 16 in preparations for the GDPR which will be coming into force May 25.

Within the next few weeks, WhatsApp will be asking European users to confirm if they are indeed 16 years old before agreeing to the new terms of service and privacy policy by WhatsApp Ireland Ltd.

However, it is unclear how the age limit will be checked considering the limited data requested and held by the service.

WhatsApp confirmed that it will not be asking for any new rights to collect personal information in its agreement specifically for the European Union, saying that their goal is merely to explain how the company uses and protects the limited information they have about the user.

Source: VOA

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