Verizon Leaks Data of 14 Million Customers

Verizon Leaks Data of 14 Million Customers

An estimated 14 million Verizon customer records have been exposed Last Wednesday. Six months worth of data was found in unprotected Amazon S3 storage server that was being operated by an employee of Nice Systems in Israel.

Reports from privacy watchdogs have linked Nice Systems to government intelligence agencies, phone cracking, and surveillance activities. However, the company said that they cannot control what their customers do with their software.

Security specialists who were notified of the incident are wary of hackers breaking into customer emails and social media accounts. The exposed records make the 14 million subscribers vulnerable to phone hijacking and account take overs.

A Verizon spokesperson said on Monday that the investigation revealed  that no one else has accessed the data, but they did not give an explanation on how they were able to confirm this.

Source: ZDNet

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