USB Charger Doubles as a Spy Cameras or GPS Device

USB Charger Doubles as a Spy Cameras or GPS Device

A report from ZDNet last Wednesday showed customers that they can purchase USB chargers with a small 1018p camera or a GPS device. The USB camera automatically records videos when it recognizes movement, while the USB with GPS provides an electronic map for those without smartphones .

While these gadgets are good tools for personal security and surveillance, it’s availability also means many people may intend to use them with malicious intent.

The report reminds users to be alert of these invasive devices at all times. The pervasive presence of malwares that infect networks and these devices, make it easier to spy on anyone.

On the positive side, these gadgets such as the USB with Camera can help you guard belongings and watch over children, while the USB charger with GPS can be used to track down teens or even retrieve stolen vehicles.

Source: ZDNet

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