US Woman Uses Spyware to Track, Hit Boyfriend

US Woman Uses Spyware to Track, Hit Boyfriend

A 37-year old California woman was recently charged by the US Department of Justice for attempting to murder her 55-year old boyfriend.

Rasheeda Johnson Turner admitted that she wanted to kill her ex, known as L.G. for fears that she might get removed from his life insurance policy. The policy, which amounts to $150,000, lists Turner and her child as the primary beneficiaries.

Turner also installed a tracking app on L.G.’s phone to monitor his whereabouts. She then attempted to hire a hitman and showed him L.G.’s location so he can make the hit. However, Turner did not know that the hitman she contacted was actually an FBI informant.

Turner is expected to serve 10 years in prison for murder-for-hire charges if found guilty.  

Source: Bleeping Computer

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