US Citizens May Have To Undergo Face Recognition Scans

US Citizens May Have To Undergo Face Recognition Scans

Last Thursday, privacy advocates criticized the Trump administration’s plan to require face scans for citizens boarding international flights. Aimed at tracking overstaying citizens better, the government announced that it is ready to use face recognition technology on its citizens.

According to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the said measure is their only option to successfully broaden a program that monitors foreigners who are American citizens. However, privacy advocates say the scans pushes the country to a state of intrusive surveillance.

The DHS says they will not keep the face scans of U.S. citizens, but privacy advocates are skeptical about their claim. Furthermore, they believe citizens should have the right to opt out of invasive procedures that compromise privacy.

Customs deputy executive assistant commissioner, John Wagner confirmed in an interview that American citizens going on international flights are required to submit face scans. Over 700,000 people have overstayed in the year as of September 30.

Source: AP News

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