U.S May Restrict AT&T and Comcast on Web Data

U.S May Restrict AT&T and Comcast on Web Data

After a pledge to cut back on regulations by President Donald Trump, a rule passed during former president Obama’s term implementing restrictions on how broadband companies may use customer data was scrapped by Republicans in congress.

Despite the rule’s dissolution however, other states are finding ways to implement a version of it.

Almost two dozen state capitol’s lawmakers are exploring ways to improve consumer privacy safeguards that were removed by the Trump administration in April. The proposals will seek to put limits on how AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast use the data they gather from subscribers.

New York Democratic state senator, Tim Kennedy said that states have to take lead when the federal government lags. The senator had previously introduced a bill that prohibits internet service providers from selling the personal information of their customers. The bill failed to move forward in the legislative session of the Republican-dominated Senate.

Source: Bloomberg

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