Telegram Fined for Not Giving Backdoor to Russian Intelligence

Telegram Fined for Not Giving Backdoor to Russian Intelligence

Moscow, Russia — Last Tuesday, a Moscow court fined messaging app Telegram $14,000 (800,000 Russian rubles) for not complying with a government request to grant Russian intelligence FSB access to encrypted chats.

The order was sent to Telegram’s London headquarters on July 12. FSB requested an encryption backdoor to 6 telephone numbers. When the company did not accede, Russian authorities sent a notice that they will penalize Telegram in a process they began last September 14.

Telegram founder Pavel Durov posted both messages on social media, declaring they have no intentions of giving into the demands of the FSB. Moreover, Durov asserted that the FBS’s requests are technically not workable, and that they violate Russian citizens’ constitutional rights to privacy.

Meanwhile, reports last month revealed that Russian authorities are planning to take down Telegram to show other companies what will happen if they do not comply.

Russia is seen to ban Telegram in the future, while Durov said he will appeal Telegram’s fine.

Source: BleepingComputer

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