Takshashila Institution Pushes for “Rights-based” Model for Data Privacy

Takshashila Institution Pushes for “Rights-based” Model for Data Privacy

With the spotlight currently fixated on recent developments regarding Aadhaar, the Indian Supreme Court has asked the Justice BN Srikrishna panel to make recommendations for a data protection framework.  

While it is uncertain if the court will reverse its ruling on privacy as a fundamental right, the security of data being given to companies like Facebook, Apple, and Google, as well as countless other apps still needs to be addressed. A paper by Bengaluru-based Takshashila Institution offers perspective on how data controllers such as Google should collect data.

In the paper, Takshashila says true data protection can only be achieved through a “rights-based model” where the data controller is held accountable and the user is given autonomy over their own data.

Takshashila adds the model will ensure individuals are given broad rights, giving onus to the controller that these are not violated.


Source: Financial Express

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