Second Major Security Issue Found in OnePlus Phones

Second Major Security Issue Found in OnePlus Phones

Another factory app which pose a huge security risk to OnePlus phone users has been identified by a security researcher who uses the handle “Elliot Alderson”. The same researcher previously found a pre-installed app called EngineerMode in OnePlus phones that was capable of rooting the device.

The researcher made another series of tweets to OnePlus about the issue and publicly divulged that the app was able to log various phone services which it saves to the device’s SD card. Alderson said that it was a big security issue since attackers can obtain confidential information should they be able to get access to those logs.

He added that the OnePlusLogKit is able to collect all sorts of information on the device, but there’s no particularly good reason why the app should be shipped with the devices.

Source: Bleeping Computer

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