SalesForce CEO Pushes for National Privacy Law

SalesForce CEO Pushes for National Privacy Law

The chief privacy officer of cloud computing giant SalesForce recently clarified questions regarding the company’s stance on a national data privacy law which their CEO Marc Benioff wrote about on Politico.

Benioff was seen backing California’s privacy bill, which is counter to the position of many tech vendors. SalesForce’s Senior VP of global privacy Lindsey Finch says that what the company actually advocates in the U.S. is to view how data is handled from the perspective of the end consumer, and recognize the types of things they would want to know about how their data is handled.

Data privacy expert at Constellation Research Steve Wilson also said that Salesforce is in a better position than companies like Facebook or Google to push for data privacy since the company does not directly make money from personal data, however, it still has an important stake in the issue.

Source: Salesforce

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