Private Emails of High-Ranking U.S. Official Hacked

Private Emails of High-Ranking U.S. Official Hacked

Last Saturday, emails of a major U.S. intelligence official for Russian affairs were reported to have been hacked. The leaked emails were seen on Tuesday and gained media attention on Friday.

A letter by a hacker named “Johnnie Walker” stated that the emails would offer proof into the schemes devised in nations worldwide, particularly in countries where it is not safe. He accuses the U.S. as having direct influence on agenda formation around the world.

The U.S. official’s private correspondences were sent to an indefinite number of users from a compromised NGO account that was being used for two years. To date, it is unknown who else have received the emails.

No American news sources have published the content of the U.S. official’s leaked emails. However, a Russian newspaper called Kommersant is said to have connections to the documents.

Source: RT News

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