Privacy Complaint Filed Against Grindr in Norway

Privacy Complaint Filed Against Grindr in Norway

The Norwegian Consumer Council had reportedly filed a case against dating app Grindr for breaching national and European data protection laws when it was found that the user’s HIV status was being shared by the app.

Norwegian research outfit SINTEF found that Grindr users were not aware that the app had been sharing their sensitive personal data which include precise GPS position, gender, age, “tribe” (aka group-affiliation, e.g. trans, bear), intention (e.g. friends, relationship), ethnicity, relationship status, language and device characteristics. Sharing of such information without explicit user consent is illegal under European law.

The complaint also includes Grindr’s privacy policy, which states that user personal data may be processed in other countries such as the US where personal data laws may be less stringent.      

Source: TechCrunch

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