Privacy Advocate Says Facebook Could be Fined “Trillions”

Privacy Advocate Says Facebook Could be Fined “Trillions”

In a recent interview with CNBC, online privacy advocate Michael Fertik said that Facebook could potentially face fines up to $2 trillion if the Federal Trade Commission decides that the Cambridge Analytica data scandal had violated the consent decree the social network signed seven years ago.

The founder was referring to a 2011 settlement where Facebook agreed to be fined $40,000 for every instance that it shares and makes public data which it tells users will be kept private on the platform.

Fertik also called against Facebook’s click-to-consent agreement which includes a 1000-word document and urged Zuckerberg to display privacy controls in plain English, all in one place, right in the middle of the user’s feed upon log in.

Source: CNBC

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