NPC Warns DOH Against Sharing Dengvaxia List

NPC Warns DOH Against Sharing Dengvaxia List

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) recently advised the Department of Health (DoH) not to share the “Dengvaxia master list,” which contains the names of thousands of children which had received dengue vaccine in 2016.

Privacy Commissioner Raymund Liboro said that the DoH should not share the information without getting the consent of the subject of the information. The DoH had already filed a formal request to share the Dengvaxia list with the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO).

Liboro added that the PAO may be provided the information if it is authorized as the legal representative of the data subjects. He further emphasized that the government and its agencies do not have the blanket authority to access or use the information of private individuals held in the custody of another agency.


Source: Manila Times

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