NPC Releases Privacy Materials Online

NPC Releases Privacy Materials Online

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) has released new materials to supplement the Data Privacy Act (DPA). The new materials, located in the “Our Services” section of, is divided into three (3) modules, specifically “ I Want to Know More”, “I Want to Comply”, and “I Want to Complain:.

First, the “I Want to Know More” module, which is further subdivided into five (5), contains general information about the rights of a data subject, the text of the DPA and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR), the text of the memorandum circulars and advisories issued by the NPC , and “30 Ways to Love Yourself Online”, which is touted by the NPC as a beginner’s guide to personal data privacy.

Second, the “I Want to Comply” module, further subdivided into six (6) modules, contains a link to the registration system of the NPC, frequently asked questions (FAQs) about appointing a data protection officer (DPO), conducting a privacy impact assessment (PIA), creating a privacy manual, implementing privacy and data protection measures, and exercising breach reporting procedures.  

Finally,  the “I Want to Complain” module, further subdivided into two (2) modules, links the user to FAQs aboud the mechanics for preparing and submitting a complaint, as well as the web-based system for the submission of privacy-related complaints.

As of this writing, both the registration system and the complaints mechanism of the NPC have yet to enter service. You may access the materials posted by NPC by going to  

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