New Yorkers Warned Against “Privacy-Invasive” Free Wifi Kiosks

New Yorkers Warned Against “Privacy-Invasive” Free Wifi Kiosks

The Electronic Frontier Foundation recently reported that the free wifi kiosks across New York City employed dubious measures that disregarded data privacy.

The kiosks that were insstalled by LinkNYC, a communications network that is replacing public pay phones with WiFi kiosks across New York City, was revealed to have been paid for by ads that track users, use questionable processes for allowing the public to influence its data handling policies. The kiosk are also said to be festooned with microphones and cameras, further endangering privacy.

The issue gave rise to ReThink LinkNYC, a privacy advocacy group that is now pressuring NY city officials for transparency and accountability. The grassroots organization is demanding a halt to the construction of more kiosks until adequate privacy safeguards are enacted.

Source: EFF

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