NetApp Chief Advises Caution Against “GDPR Compliance” Schemes

NetApp Chief Advises Caution Against “GDPR Compliance” Schemes

At the recently held Datacloud Ireland conference in Dublin on 21 September, NetApp chief privacy officer Sheila FitzPatrick warned enterprises against misinformation on GDPR compliance and companies claiming to sell compliance technologies and expertise.

In FitzPatrick’s presentation about the “ripple effects” of GDPR, she said that a lot of business are getting scared into buying technology such as data lineage, discover, and eraser tools by companies who are taking advantage of the GDPR bandwagon. However, she reiterated that companies should focus on their  legal foundation and privacy program before investing in tools and technologies.

FitzPatrick pointed out to US organizations that privacy does not merely equate to security and encryption. She also clarified that while the GDPR aims to harmonise data protection across the EU, each country will have its own way of interpreting and handling the law.

Source: Computer Weekly

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