Mozilla Urges Venmo to Update Privacy Settings

Mozilla Urges Venmo to Update Privacy Settings

Mozilla wrote on its blog this week and urged payments company Venmo to make its users’ transactions private by default.

It was discovered by privacy researcher and Mozilla Fellow Hang Do Thi Duc a few months ago that the PayPal-owned company has made its user transaction data viewable by the public for some reason. Hang said that by using Venmo’s public API, he was able to watch a couple feud on Valentine’s Day, observe a woman’s junk food habits, and peer into a marijuana dealer’s business operations just by studying the transaction data.

Despite Hang’s disclosure and a petition by Mozilla that has gotten more than 17,000 signatures, the company refused to take any action and it is said that PayPal execs are still deliberating as to whether they will make the transaction data private.


Source: Mozilla

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