Mega Spambot ‘Onliner’ Ensnares 711 Million Emails

Mega Spambot ‘Onliner’ Ensnares 711 Million Emails

A security researcher that goes by the handle ‘Benkow’ recently discovered an open web server that contained a huge batch of sensitive personal data.

Millions of email addresses, passwords, and email servers were found in text files stored in a Netherlands-based server which are assumed to have been used in a large-scale malware spamming operation to deliver Ursnif, a data-stealing banking malware. These credentials, according to Benkow, might have been scraped from other data breaches including the LinkedIn and Badoo hack.

Troy Hunt of “Have I Been Pwned”, who also studied the data, said that it was the largest batch of data that has ever passed through his breach notification website.

Source: ZDNet

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