Lumen Privacy Monitor Detects Apps That Leak Personal Data

Lumen Privacy Monitor Detects Apps That Leak Personal Data

In a report last Tuesday, tech website Daily Dot explored the how the Lumen Privacy Monitor, a free Android app that can tell users which apps collects personal information from your device, can protect the data on a user’s mobile phone.

Created by researchers at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI), IMDEA Networks, and University of California, Berkeley, Lumen can tell you what apps are leaking personal details like your phone number and address for tracking and marketing purposes. Moreover, it is capable of knowing where or to whom your information goes to.

However, the app also requires users to grant it permission to access and analyze personal data, something that a lot of users have found to be “ironic”.

The creators of Lumen say that they are aware of the privacy and ethical considerations brought by the app, but they assure users that as a research organization, all they want is to study the data, not what people are doing with the app. All the collected data is anonymized as well.

Source: The Daily Dot

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