Journalist’s Facebook Password Ordered by Colombian Prosecutor

Journalist’s Facebook Password Ordered by Colombian Prosecutor

Bogotá, Colombia – It was reported last Saturday that the Colombian court is pressuring journalist William Solano to disclose his Facebook account’s password over accusations of slander.

Solano, an investigative journalist for independent news DCERCA, is being prosecuted following the publication of articles that chronicled corruption in Buga at the administrative level.

A district attorney was given authority to access Solano’s Facebook in mid-June to locate his sources. Witnesses maintain the right to remain anonymous when they are interviewed, which was violated by the court. Recent news reports the prosecutor has ordered Solano to surrender his Facebook password.

Bogotá’s Fundación Karisma, a civil liberties advocate, has spoken strongly against the order. They firmly believe that it is overstepping Solano’s privacy and right to press freedom.

The civil liberties group stated that the demand will open information that is no longer related to the investigation, which includes personal conversations and data from other articles written by Solano.

Source: Advox

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