iPhones Tracking Users Moves, Locations by Default

iPhones Tracking Users Moves, Locations by Default

Digital expert Kim Komando recently revealed that iPhones tracks and records user location by default using a feature called Significant Locations.

Significant Locations gather location data for personalized services like predictive traffic routing. The data is also kept locally on the device and is not sent to Apple. However, this data can be accessed and used by hackers in the event that the device gets stolen.

Users who wish to turn off this feature can go to Open Settings >> Tap Privacy >> Tap Location Services >> Tap System Services >> Tap Significant Locations then toggling the switch left.

Users who wish to keep using the feature, but do not want to keep home and work locations can go to Significant Locations and tap the city these locations are in. The locations can be removed by tapping the Edit button in the top-right corner, then the red minus symbol to delete the entry.

Source: Komando

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