Indian Aadhar and Privacy in Other Countries

Indian Aadhar and Privacy in Other Countries

Last Wednesday, a report from an Indian news agency examined privacy laws in different countries during the wake of the Aadhar scheme hearing. The country is yet to include privacy as a fundamental right in Indian constitution.

According to the report, in the U.S., the Privacy Act of 1974 defends citizens from unlicensed use of their information. This means federal agencies and other organizations must disclose why they need to gather data.

Japan has the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2003 that instructs data controllers. The law states that firms must disclose the purpose for data collection. It also urges them to protect data from leaks.

Europe upholds the Data Protection Directive which protects citizens data from accidental loss, changes, unlicensed sharing, and leaks.

Reviewing the laws also showed that individual privacy rights are usually inhibited as e-governance employs a consolidated system of identification to monitor citizens.

Source: FirstPost

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