Hacking Group Uses New Inexmar Malware to Hack Hotel Guests

Hacking Group Uses New Inexmar Malware to Hack Hotel Guests

Last Thursday, a report said an infamous hacking group called DarkHotel is back with a new version of data-stealing malware named Inexsmar.

Inexsmar is deployed through malicious emails that trick users into opening a carefully crafted email with interesting content. This distracts the victim into browsing the message while the malware runs a potent code that steals the system’s data.

DarkHotel hackers target business travelers around the world, specifically while in luxury hotels. They use the hotel’s Wi-Fi to access the victim’s computer, gain control of their programs, and steal information.

The group is also believed to carry on corporate surveillance on targets of influential positions such as CEOs, senior development officials, and high-ranking officers.

BitDefender senior cyber threat analyst Bogdan Botezatu said the group uses highly advanced tactics and leaves little signs that are difficult to intercept. Having great capabilities and resources, he speculates the group must have strong support from the state.

Source: ZD Net

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