Google’s DoubleClick a Big Target for Privacy Backlash

Google’s DoubleClick a Big Target for Privacy Backlash

Experts have recently noted that search giant Google had been able to successfully avoid a privacy backlash even though it collects more data than Facebook. However, they pointed out that the new rules the company had rolled out for its DoubleClick system may leave it more vulnerable to scrutiny.

Two ex-Google ad executives reportedly revealed that Google had tried to imitate Facebook’s advertising edge, particularly one that determined when the user is online. The online user’s activity is then tracked via cookies and information including search queries, location history, phone numbers and credit card information which can be accessed by advertisers.

It is said that a lot of political advertisers favor DoubleClick due to the amount of information it could collect. However, Google is seen to be buttoning up its data policies in anticipation for the GDPR and is now restricting the number of third-party companies that can serve and track ads through its advertising exchange and on YouTube.

Source: Bloomberg

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