French President Brings Privacy Browser on China Trip

French President Brings Privacy Browser on China Trip

It was recently reported that a company called Qwant, a privacy-focused search engine, was brought by French president Emmanuel Macron in his first state visit to China.

As part of a 50 businessmen delegation that accompanied Macron in his trip, Qwant co-founder and president Eric Léandri noted that the Chinese had an “interesting” way of ensuring privacy. Léandri says that even though there is a popular notion that there is no privacy in China, it is still very difficult for Chinese data to be taken out of the country.

Qwant says that it is planning to take advantage of China’s big smart city push China which will rely on sensor technology, AI, and Internet of Things (IoT) data. Even though the company’s primary selling point is that it gathers no data from its users, it says it will need lots of it, but without particularly identifying individuals.   

Source: TechNode

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