Warns Customers of Credential Leaks in Public Database Warns Customers of Credential Leaks in Public Database

In a report last Friday, online market Freelancer emailed its users that their passwords have been changed after confirming their login credentials were posted in a public database.

The Australia company explained to customers that the leak did not happen in their own network. According to Freelancer VP for security and operations Nicholas de Jong, they are seriously on the look out to assist users that might be more vulnerable to the threat.

The leak was discovered while cross-checking public leaks of third-party information from other websites like LinkedIn and Adobe.

The company advised their customers to go to and check the whereabouts of their data’s exposure. Users were also recommended to use a password manager to ensure that they have different logins for separate accounts.

Freelancer is a registered Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) company with a noted revenue of AU$52.7 million in 2016 from AU$38.6 million in 2015.

Source: ZD Net

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