Facebook Rejects New York Times Data Breach Claim

Facebook Rejects New York Times Data Breach Claim

Facebook this week responded to claims by the New York Times that the social network had breached its privacy pledges by sharing personal data with around 60 of its device manufacturer partners, saying that the company did it only to help offer a mobile service.

The pledges the NYT was pertaining to was the agreement Facebook entered with the FCC in 2011 to obtain the user’s “express consent” before sharing personal data with third parties in new ways. The NYT even proved their claims by running an experiment on a Blackberry device where they found that information such as IDs, birthday dates, work details and educational histories of many of the account holder’s friends, as well as identifying information on many more friends-of-friends had been collected.

In a blog post, Facebook responded by explaining how its software tools work, and saying that its partners signed agreements that prevents them from using people’s Facebook information for anything other than to recreate Facebook-like experiences.

Source: BBC

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