Chinese Mobile Phones Cams Record User Activity

Chinese Mobile Phones Cams Record User Activity

Users of Chinese-made Android phone Vivo NEX observed that their device’s camera would pop-up and self-activate when using certain mobile apps.

It is said that perhaps unintentionally, the NEX’s camera design has given Chinese users a tangible way of knowing when exactly they are being monitored.

One user reported that the camera activates when opening a new Telegram chat, a bug that Telegram immediately fixed. However, another one said that the cam opened when Tencent’s QQ browser was launched, while on user reported that Baidu’s voice input app had access to both the camera and the microphone.

Tencent defended the feature, saying that the QQ browser needs to activate the camera to prepare for scanning QR codes and assured that the camera would not take photos or audio recordings unless the user told it to do so.


Source: Global Voices

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