Canadian Data Protection Lags Behind Britain’s, EU’s

Canadian Data Protection Lags Behind Britain’s, EU’s

Legislation that push for heightened protection of personal data online has been put at the forefront in recent months.  

For three years, French regulating body CNIL had been engaging search giant Google in a legal battle on the “right to be forgotten” of EU citizens, while Britain has recently proposed a bill that will give Britons the power to remove posts on social media from their childhood.

However, Anatoliy Gruzd, Director of research at Toronto’s Ryerson Social Media Lab says that although Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) exists to help Canadians with issues regarding their online privacy, Canada still does not have its own version of the “right to be forgotten”.

Gruzd adds that the data industry lacks transparency and that there is a huge difference between getting one’s data deleted from social media websites, and having it completely deleted from multiple servers where it is stored.

Source: Global News CA

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