Canada-US Terror List Sharing Raise Privacy Concerns

Canada-US Terror List Sharing Raise Privacy Concerns

Privacy concerns have recently been raised by a revamped terror information agreement between the US and Canada that had kicked in even before the federal privacy watchdog was able to complete its assessment of the risk it may pose for Canadians.

The program known as Tuscan, short for Tipoff U.S./Canada, was established in 1997, but an updated arrangement was signed by the Public Safety Canada and the U.S. Terrorist Screening Centre in June 2017. While the new arrangement is now in place, the details are still being fine-tuned by the authorities.

However, it was only recently that Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien received the privacy assessment on use and management of Tuscan information. Therrien had previously expressed his concerns on several aspects of the revamped agreement in 2016, including any additional sharing of information, how long the data would be kept and corrective measures should people be mistakenly affected.

Source: The Globe and Mail

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