Bulletproof Coffee Company Hacked, Customer Data Compromised

Bulletproof Coffee Company Hacked, Customer Data Compromised

Last Monday, Bulletproof 360 Inc. disclosed a data breach that had hit the company in October to California officials, in accordance to US state breach notification laws.

In a notification letter to its customers, Bulletproof said that an unauthorized code had been added to the checkout page of its website which has since been removed. They also advised customers to watch out for suspicious activity on their bank statements and assured that the company will be covering any related fraudulent charges that may occur.

Bulletproof 360, famous for its butter-infused coffee, was founded by Silicon Valley investor Dave Asprey. The company’s CEO previously worked as VP of cloud security at Trend Micro, and had stints in other tech startups which makes the breach particularly embarrassing for the company.

Source: The Register

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