BLU Asserts Innocence Over AdUps Security Issue

BLU Asserts Innocence Over AdUps Security Issue

A week ago, Amazon suspended the sales of the Chinese company’s mobile phones on their site due to privacy concerns, but is seems the online shopping giant may have decided otherwise, putting the low-end Android devices back on the shelves again earlier this week.

Android company BLU further defended claim to innocence by clarifying concerns raised by users, following Kryptowire’s findings on AdUps phones.

According to BLU, Kryptowire did not refer to the AdUps flaw as a spyware. Rather, they referred to it as a type of firmware transmitting personally identifiable information (PII) without user permission.

In its second defense, BLU claims they did not violate its privacy policy, indicating users agreed to send their PII to contracted third party firms, even outside the country.

Finally, Kryptowire only really reported the Cubot X16S for spying on its users.

BLU’s policy also does not make it liable for any security failure except for intentional offense or blatant negligence. The company maintains its position, pressing the fact that other phones distribute PII’s to third party companies should not make it illegal.

To date, BLU stopped distributing AdUps phones and will be switching to a US manufacturer.

Source: Slash Gear

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