Australian Schools Monitoring Students’ Mobile Phone Use

Australian Schools Monitoring Students’ Mobile Phone Use

Victoria, Australia – According to a report last Sunday, schools in Australia have resorted to technology that allows them to track what their students are doing on their phones.

The move was instigated by parents and teachers who aimed to protect their children from criminals, pornographic content, and other threats online. As its precondition, parents should grant consent to the school before they can use it on students.

However, the move had students and privacy advocates worried, saying that it fosters an environment of distrust through intrusive surveillance. Spencer Davis, a Victorian Student Representative, said that the device weakened student’s personal authority because it did not ask for their permission.

The monitoring tool designed by Australian-based company Family Zone is currently being used in 40 schools. Its functions include disabling mobile camera function, blocking children from banned websites, and stopping them from downloading disruptive apps.

Source: Brisbane News

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