AU Consumers Hesitant to Act on Privacy Concerns

AU Consumers Hesitant to Act on Privacy Concerns

A recent poll by Roy Morgan recently established that most Australian consumers are unwilling to act on privacy concerns even though they think it is unacceptable for companies to collect personal data for ad targeting.

In a poll consisting of 967 Australians, around 92% found it unacceptable for organizations to collect personal financial data. 89% said the same for health and financial data, while another 89% said companies should not be scraping contents of messages or email for the purpose of tailoring ads and offers to consumers.

Despite such privacy concerns, only 15% of Australians said they either “always” or “often” read terms of and conditions when signing up for online services. 54% said they rarely or never read them, while less than 5% said such practices were acceptable.


Source: Exchangewire

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