Adups Phones are Stealthily Sending User Data to China

Adups Phones are Stealthily Sending User Data to China

Las Vegas, Nevada — Last Wedneday, Kryptowire security researchers disclosed that Shanghai Adups Technology phones are covertly sending device data to its mother company’s server in China.

Adups was previously caught sending user data without consent last November 2016. But this time, Kryptowire confirms they are still getting information from consumers more stealthily.

The Chinese tech company is dealing with serious privacy invasion issues, with the device also being able to run commands on the phone to install programs, dial phone calls, deleting data without asking for authentication, and snapping screen shots.

Apart from the surveillance issue, researchers also discovered that phones were sharing location information, browser history, and call logs to China. It’s seen as an illegal means of surveillance that can be taken to court.

However, according to an Adups representative, the privacy issue has been addressed last year.  

To date, Adups is considered one of Amazon’s biggest selling phones because of its affordable $60 tag.

Source: CBS News

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