Wiretap Gains $4.9 Million for ESN Monitoring

Wiretap Gains $4.9 Million for ESN Monitoring

Wiretap, an Ohio-based startup has secured $4.9 million in a financing round hosted by Draper Triangle Ventures, Ohio Innovation Fund, Rev1 Ventures, and JumpStart Inc.

Wiretap has created a platform that allows visibility into Enterprise Social Networks (ESN). Some notable ESNs include Slack, Microsoft’s Yammer, and Facebook’s Workplace.

ESNs let employees connect on a more informal level for social and corporate collaboration. However, it is an environment that can leave management with a large potential risk that they cannot see into.

With the use of Artificial Intelligence, Wiretap can monitor ESNs to provide insights and awareness of corporate social health. The same AI can also look out for and weed out potential and actual leaks.

Source: Security Week

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