Vancouver Pot Shop Involved in Personal Data Breach

Vancouver Pot Shop Involved in Personal Data Breach

A memory card containing private medical documents and around 1000 images of people taken in a west-side cannabis dispensary has been delivered to Postmedia by a tipster who had found it in an alley.

It is uncertain if criminal activity or negligence was involved in the data breach, but when Postmedia informed the dispensary owner, he responded that the only way the data would have been obtained is if somebody deliberately stole it from them, since all patient information is stored in a secure, internal system.

The photos in the memory card showed cross-sections of customers ranging from early 20’s to senior citizens. Also included were medical documents, prescriptions, and pill bottle labels for drugs. Patients’ name were also legible on the photos of documents, along with other identifying information.


Source: Vancouver Sun

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