UK Military Helps Protect British DNA Data

UK Military Helps Protect British DNA Data

Genomics England announced last week that it has already gathered 100,000 whole genomes of British citizens for its DNA mapping project.

The UK-based gene company is looking to collect 1 million samples, with the goal of improving treatments for various patients afflicted with rare diseases. However, the data has been a hot target for hackers, which is why it was transferred to a Ministry of Defense-owned facility in Corsham, Wiltshire which is the location of the Information Systems and Services unit of the Joint Forces Command.

Genomic England Chair Sir John Chisholm also said that they have de-identified the data so that it cannot be traced to specific individuals. The project also tested its defenses to ensure that none of the data is ever compromised in attacks similar to WannaCry 2.0.

Source: Koddos

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