U.S. Authorities Urges Monitoring Policy for Civilian Drones

U.S. Authorities Urges Monitoring Policy for Civilian Drones

Reports last Monday stated that U.S. police is pushing to legally equip civilian drones with radio-tracking systems for identification. The suggestion came following a series of civilian quadcopters seen flying over locations where firefighters and police were addressing emergency situations.

Richard Hassna, deputy sheriff of Alameda County, stated such instances could intrude law enforcement. They also increase fears that presume terrorists could be controlling drones.

However, Drone User Group Network policy director Kenji Sugahar is against the regulations. They are concerned for their personal privacy, stating most of their 25,000 members only agree to a limited form tracking.

Current U.S. laws indicate very few regulations for private drones. They cannot fly over 400 from the ground, and they cannot fly over people.

To address the issue, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has formed a committee to suggest suitable laws. To date, the FAA will complete the discussions on September 30, allowing them to create applicable policies.


Source: Bloomberg Technology

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