U.K. Outlines Pros and Cons of Facial Recognition Technology

U.K. Outlines Pros and Cons of Facial Recognition Technology

Recent reports have highlighted how facial recognition systems can improve daily transactions while also compromising people’s right to privacy.

Britain’s biggest railway franchise has shown interest in the technology as a ticketing system that gathers payments via facial recognition. Last July, a U.K. firm called Blippar released the first mobile app that identifies people automatically via facial recognition software.

However, according to Prof. Lyndon Smith of Bristol Robotics Laboratory, it could create a world where businesses already know customers’ names and incomes before they even enter establishments.

Gathering information without consent has been an ongoing concern between tech giants and regulating bodies, and Blippar has not escaped this issue. Blippar states that all users give permission to voluntarily use the app. They can also choose the type of information they can release about themselves.

However unsafe, facial recognition will inevitably revolutionize transactions, from booking hotels to passing airport security, all the way to eliminating ATM cards for purchasing items.

Source: The Daily Mail

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