Tor Designer Dispels Rumors, Announces Latest Updates

Tor Designer Dispels Rumors, Announces Latest Updates

Tor online anonymity co-founder Roger Dingledine attended the recent Def Con convention last week to clarify widespread myths about the Tor project. He also updated users about new developments for the platform.

Dingledine sought to dispel three major rumors. First, that Tor is associated with criminals in the dark web. Second, that Tor was designed by the Navy, and third, that the network was being intercepted by the National Security Agency (NSA).

For the first myth, he said it’s not true that many criminals use Tor. At this rate, 2 million users a day just include average users. Second, Dingledine designed the system, and no one else. Finally, he denied the NSA had any capability of intercepting Tor users.

While they have government funding, it does not in any way undermine the Tor project’s mission.

As for new features, they will reinforce traffic reading resistance. This includes Vanguard, a tool that will hinder people from tracing onion services.

Source: Threat Post

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