Tinder Keeps “Staggering” Amount of Personal Info, Journalist Says

Tinder Keeps “Staggering” Amount of Personal Info, Journalist Says

A German journalist recently found out how much information Tinder collects on its users when she requested a copy of her personal data from the site.

The dating service, which is owned by Match.com, provided Judith Duportail around 800 pages of information which included her Facebook likes, education information, conversation details, even photos from Instagram after the associated account had been deleted.

Paul-Olivier Dehaye, co-founder of PersonalData.io and data researcher, confirmed the request details and expressed how difficult it was to obtain the data.

Tinder justified the amount of data being collected, saying that it was needed in order to deliver a personalized experience for its users. However, some fear of the potential risks and repercussions should the site get hacked, citing the Ashley Madison incident which occurred in 2015.

Source: Silicon Angle

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