To address the need of organizations in understanding the legal, technical and governance requirements of the Data Privacy Act, our team provides extensive data privacy training that starts with the essential preliminary issues that cover: (1) the general concept of privacy; (2) kinds of privacy contemplated by the law (e.g., physical, decisional and informational privacy); and (3) the global approaches to achieve data privacy. We conclude the training with a detailed discussion of the provisions of the Data Privacy Act, with focus on the compliance requirements.  

We emphasize that the role of training is key, as it is important throughout the course of the compliance and permeates the progression  to every stage of the process.  Hence, we offer the following types of training:

  • Orientation on Privacy and the Data Privacy Law for
  • Online Data Privacy Law Basics 
  • The Compliance Procedure under the Data Privacy Law
  • Capacity Building for Data Privacy Compliance Teams
  • Certification Training for Data Privacy Officers