Senators Question Amazon Over Echo’s Privacy Mishap

Senators Question Amazon Over Echo’s Privacy Mishap

Republican senator Jeff Flake and Democratic senator Chris Coons recently sent a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, seeking answers on the company’s Echo device handles user’s voice recordings. It is said that the inquiry was prompted by an incident involving an Echo device that had gone rogue which recorded and sent its owner’s conversation without consent.

It is said that Flake and Coons want Bezos to explain the fine print of the company’s terms of service, particularly that which concerns how user data is handled and used, While some of the answers to the questions are already a matter of public record, it seemed that the senators wanted Bezos to clarify terms such as “any and all purposes for which Amazon uses, stores, and retains consumer information, including voice data, collected and transmitted by an Echo device.”

Coon said that the incident made it clear the privacy risks surrounding the technology are not yet fully understood, and that Amazon owes it to the American people to be clearer about what is happening.

Source: Wired

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