Security Industry Braces for GDPR Impact

Security Industry Braces for GDPR Impact

Experts have recently noted that the vagueness of Europe’s incoming privacy rules may place unnecessary constraints on various businesses since actually constitutes personal information, and how to define “collect” and “store” such information can give rise to a lot of confusion.

Laura Jehl of BakerHostetler says that the pseudonymous ID codes used in blockchain may count as personal information that users would have the right to delete. Meanwhile, Caleb Barlow of IBM says that the impact of EU’s privacy rules on the WHOIS database will have a devastating effect on the ability of security professionals to fight cybercrime.

On smaller firms, April Doss from Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr says that midsized entities which consider themselves as US-based will significantly be less prepared compared to large orgs that are aware of international presence.

Source: Axios

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