IT Security Execs Among Worst Offenders in Employer Snooping

IT Security Execs Among Worst Offenders in Employer Snooping

A global survey recently showed that around 71% of information security executives acknowledged snooping on general company data which was not required for their work.

The survey questioned 913 IT security professionals around the world. Results revealed that 66% of participants admitted to accessing company information that were off-limits. The study also found that 36% of them were interested in taking their snooping behavior further by actively seeking out sensitive data.

According to Jackson Shaw, One Identity senior director of product management, many IT security personnel have the capability to search through numerous lists involving employee salaries, layoff history, and profits that are hidden under different departments. Their role comes with privileges that tempts them to hunt private information.

In response to the survey, president and CEO of the Washington Center for Cybersecurity Research and Development Jane LeClair asserts that cybersecurity professionals should uphold higher standards when it comes to ethical behavior. She called out to IT professionals to develop appropriate filters that prevent snooping.

Source: DarkReading

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