Secure Chat App Wickr Now Offers Encrypted Conference Calls

Secure Chat App Wickr Now Offers Encrypted Conference Calls

Last Friday, Wickr cryptographer Joël Alwen announced that customers can now have the option to make conference calls that are encrypted and forward-secure.

Encryption for conference calls have previously been a problem, primarily because of multi-party key management. Other companies like Signal and WhatsApp have developed encrypted one-to-one calls, but these are still unreliable and tend to drop regularly.

Cryptographers in the past have tried to come up with a solution to the issue, and Wickr is saying that they have finally developed a way to streamline the process and enable encrypted group calls.

Wickr CEO Joel Wallenstrom states that many of their D.C. clients have been looking for a way to secure group calls, which is why have made the feature their top priority. He also asserts that this is an essential requirement for many professional companies.

To date, Wickr’s code for encrypting conference calls is on GitHub for public review.

Source: Gizmodo

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