Russian Website Sells Ovidiy Stealer Malware

Russian Website Sells Ovidiy Stealer Malware

A new infostealer named Ovidiy Stealer is being sold by a Russian-speaking malware developer named TheBottle, according to reports last Friday.

TheBottle started selling the malware on a Russian website in June, and has also advertised it on different cyber crime sites. The new malware version is being put on sale for 450-750 Rubles ($7-$13) since it is not as potent as other commercial infostealers in the market.

Researchers from Proofpoint cybersecurity spotted that the malware was being dispersed as EXE files masked as legitimate applications. The files were spread through hosting portals, email campaigns with attachments, and cracking and keygen sites.

Though it isn’t the most advanced stealer in the market, it is a cheap, accessible, and user-friendly  malware that delivers simple and efficient credential extraction. Proofpoint reports that it has the potential to become a widespread threat.

Source: Bleeping Computer

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