Russian Hacking Group Targets European Hotels

Russian Hacking Group Targets European Hotels

Russian hackers are believed to have been responsible for high-profile cyber attacks that include last year’s US presidential election are now said to be targeting Wi-Fi networks of hotels around Europe.

The hackers use a phishing email with an attachment named “Hotel_Reservation_Form.doc,” which launches the GameFish malware to create a backdoor, then use an EternalBlue SMB exploit once they get access to the hotel’s network.

Security firm FireEye says the hackers may be looking to obtain data from devices of government or business travelers by exploiting the guest Wi-Fi provided by these hotels.

FireEye suspects that the attacks might have been carried out by the APT28 group that also goes by the name Pawn Storm, Fancy Bear, Sofacy, Sednit and Strontium.

Source: Security Week

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